Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding status update...

Well we've been engaged for almost 3 months, we STILL don't have a date set! We're going down South for Christmas so hopefully we'll find something then. I really can't wait for this task to be crossed off the list! I feel like I can sit and look at photos and ideas all day long but until I know the exact location of the wedding, everything else is insignificant.

I thought this would be the easy part! Sometimes I feel like I am getting too caught up in finding "the perfect place." Maybe it doesn't exist, or it does but it's in California or Italy and just too far for us to travel or too expensive. This is definitely not the fun on easy part! It's got to get better from here....right?!

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heather said...

Oh, once you set a date, the photo looking gets so much better and so much more intense! Rather than just pictures of centerpieces on random tables, they are turned into pictures of centerpieces on your tables, at your venue, at your wedding :) You will find the perfect place, and it will all get better!