Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Married in a barn...

or so I am hoping! Hello! My name is Candice and I have been engaged for a month and a half to my boyfriend (now fiancee - I have a really hard time referring to him as that!) of 5 years, Mike. When I started all this wedding planning I had a simple vision. 25 of our closest family and friends and our dog, in a beautiful stone farm house in Italy or France...good wine, good conversation, dancing, and a photographer who would take amazing pictures of the whole affair.

Then reality set in, and my boyfriend (fiancee) had the audacity to interject his own ideas about our wedding (the nerve!). So now here I am....on a quest to find the most beautiful barn in the Eastern United States (that looks like the countryside of France or Italy?!) for a small-ish wedding (50-75 of our closest friends and family) with lots of personal and handmade details and a budget of $10,000.

photo credits: brides.com; Michelle Rago; Your Tuscany; Liz Banfield

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog which led me to your wedding blog and I wanted to say hello! I think your plan for a smallish budget barn wedding sounds lovely, and think you might find the blog Darling Dexter (http://darlingdexter.blogspot.com/) a great resource for DIY wedding ideas and inspiration. I look forward to following your wedding planning process :)